First & Second Grade Programs Added for 2014-2015

We are excited to announce that we are offering first and second grade programs this school year, thanks to a generous grant from The Bingham Trust.

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Now I am going to spread the word about not to bully people, and if a person has no one to sit with or they ask me, I will tell my friends that I am sitting with him or her.
- Matthew, 4th grade


We visited 47 schools in the 2013-2014 school year, including 19 *NEW* schools, and reached over 4,800 kids in 3rd-6th grades. We were invited into classrooms from Kittery & South Berwick to Bethel to Auburn, Maine. 

"After you came to our school we started treating a boy with disabilities differently. We stopped teasing him and started helping him.” 


We change attitudes and build understanding so that people with disabilities - learning, behavioral, developmental, emotional, and physical – can enjoy the same respect, acceptance, and opportunity that we all deserve. 

Our programs for kids, parents, educators and communities:

Build children's sensitivity, understanding, acceptance and inclusion

Help educators and parents reduce bullying and create safe, inclusive schools and communities

Help groups, workplaces and organizations better include and support those with disabilities

Take a look at our classroom program in action: 


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